For those of you who may need a few pointers on printing only the pages of interest to you personally,
I offer the following:

1.   For the “.doc” file, you will open this in Microsoft Word, or some compatible wordprocessor.
From there, I hope you can figure out how to print even a single page, if that’s what you desire.
If not, email ‘webmaster’ and I’ll provide more details.

2.   For the “.pdf” file, you can print directly from the ‘window’ or you can download the entire
file and print from that. In either case, you’ll see an icon shaped like a printer—it’s the second
icon from the top left corner, OR if you download the file you can click on “File/Print” at the top
left of the window. In either case, a new window will open giving you many options, and the second
box down from the top, labeled “Print Range”, gives you many print options, from the “Current View”
(a portion of a page as seen on your screen) to the full file. You may specify individual page(s)
also. For individual help, email ‘webmaster’ and I’ll do what I can to help you.